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Case Study

Philly’s Best Steak Company

Located in Yeadon, PA, Philly's Best Steak Company has been a favorite spot in the community since 1995. Philly’s Best Steak Company originally came to EnerConnex because they were experiencing fluctuating electric bills each month. For them it was important to gain control of their energy budget.


EnerConnex implemented a fixed-energy program in starting in 2018. We were able to provide them with the ability to understand their annual energy budgets. Along with providing cost certainty, we implemented a program that would reduce energy cost moving forward.


From 2018 to 2020, Philly's Best Steak company experienced a reduction in cost totaling $18,000. In 2020, we took advantage of historically low energy markets and implemented a new program projected to save them $44,700 over the next 3 years. We look forward to continuing our relationship moving forward.

“EnerConnex has been great to work with. They listened to our concerns and came back to us with transparent solutions that inevitably exceeded our expectations.”

- Mela Akranis, VP of Business Relations