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A Supplier Network That Works For You

Electricity and natural gas suppliers change their market-share targets on a regular basis, so their prices change every day.  Consequently, you never know who will be the lowest bidder on a given day. If you want to see the lowest price in the energy market, the...

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Energy and The Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) is a United States law which aims to curb the recent inflation spike by reducing the deficit, lowering prescription drug prices, and investing into domestic energy production while promoting clean energy. There is definitely a...

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Protect Yourself from Utility Scams

With scam activity on the rise, we kindly remind you to be alert of utility scams and to look out for the below warning signs. -Demanding immediate payment: Scammers may claim that you owe the utility company money and that payment is due ASAP. Most companies have a...

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Energy Market Conditions – August 2022

This summer season, the sweltering heat has been a serious and at times a dangerous matter across our nation, driving record energy consumption while adding significant stress on power grids. Grid operators have kept a close eye on systems so far this summer,...

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Business Going Green? Keep These 5 Trends in Mind

Article by: Susan Holmes With the United States eyeing a goal of a net-zero economy by the year 2050, businesses are under greater pressure than ever to curb their energy consumption. However, in addition to ensuring future compliance, creating an energy efficient...

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The Power of Energy Efficiency

The benefit of using energy more efficiently goes above and beyond saving money. Sure, most people know that swapping traditional incandescent bulbs with LEDs will help cut costs, but did you know that drinking water and wastewater systems account for approximately 4%...

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Energy Market Conditions – June 2022

The EnerConnex team is constantly monitoring energy market conditions to inform and advise our customers accordingly. As of late, with the market experiencing significant volatility, we continue to see sustained high prices for electric, natural gas and crude oil. In...

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Reduce Costs Through Energy Efficiency Measures

There has been plenty of buzz about the rise in prices of almost everything as of late, including energy. If you look deeper into the steady climb of prices, you’ll notice it is not all a function of power production costs. In the EIA graph below, distribution...

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Climbing Rates

On top of frustrating price increases at the grocery store and gas pump, many people are also being hit by rapidly rising utility bills, intensifying inflation’s toll on both people and businesses across the globe. The national average residential electricity rate was...

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