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The Power of Energy Efficiency

The benefit of using energy more efficiently goes above and beyond saving money. Sure, most people know that swapping traditional incandescent bulbs with LEDs will help cut costs, but did you know that drinking water and wastewater systems account for approximately 4%...

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Energy Market Conditions – June 2022

The EnerConnex team is constantly monitoring energy market conditions to inform and advise our customers accordingly. As of late, with the market experiencing significant volatility, we continue to see sustained high prices for electric, natural gas and crude oil. In...

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Reduce Costs Through Energy Efficiency Measures

There has been plenty of buzz about the rise in prices of almost everything as of late, including energy. If you look deeper into the steady climb of prices, you’ll notice it is not all a function of power production costs. In the EIA graph below, distribution...

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Climbing Rates

On top of frustrating price increases at the grocery store and gas pump, many people are also being hit by rapidly rising utility bills, intensifying inflation’s toll on both people and businesses across the globe. The national average residential electricity rate was...

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Explore the Renewable Energy Spectrum

Today, more and more businesses are incorporating renewables into their energy portfolio. Companies are setting goals and taking action. A recent report indicated 72% of large US energy users are actively pursuing renewable energy procurement in some form and over 45%...

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Industry Insight: featuring Tony Barnhart on PJM

Tony Barnhart, Managing Director EnerConnex has a strong customer base throughout the United States and beyond, operating across many different ISOs (Independent System Operator) and RTOs (Regional Transmission Organization). With this comes great responsibility in...

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Top 10 Benefits of LED Lighting Retrofits

Reduce Your Consumption: By making the switch to LED, the reduction in lighting load alone can be up to 50% or more. LED bulbs consume 80-90% less power than conventional bulbs.Lower Operations and Maintenance Costs: New LED technology means longer-life products which...

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Explore the Benefits of Installing EV Charging Stations

Attract New Customers While Creating a Competitive Edge:  EV Charging Stations remain relatively scarce in some areas and the need for them is only expected to grow in time. By being a pioneer and staying in-front of the EV trend that is definitively here to stay,...

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Tips from EnerConnex for Keeping Safe this Spring

Spring has sprung! Make your spring season memorable by enjoying your favorite spring activities and helping keep yourself and others stay both safe and healthy with the tips below. Plant trees and large plants away from powerlines. You may be wanting to get a jump on...

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