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Check back here for recent news updates, blog posts, and other insights that may be helpful to you and your business. You can also check out our videos page to view educational videos and other energy-related information.

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U.S. Energy Consumption by Sector: Factsheet 

In this factsheet, we’re highlighting energy consumption in the United States by sector and industry to give you an at-glance look at the current and potential future state of energy generation and consumption in the country.  But before diving into numbers,...

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The 5th Pillar of Energy Procurement via an Auction

Regardless of the innovation in electrification technology, construction of microgrids, monitoring devices and sensors to support operational efficiencies (all of which are crucial components in the drive to net zero by 2050), the one variable that is often...

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Celebrate Earth Month with EnerConnex

As we celebrate Earth Month this April, it is important to remember the impact that our actions have on the environment. At EnerConnex, we are committed to promoting sustainability and doing our part to help reduce our carbon footprint. There are many ways you can...

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Understanding the Financial Impact of Energy Costs

Helping CFOs in any industry to understand the impact of reducing electric and natural gas costs on revenue and gross profit is crucial. Let’s break it down. Cost Reduction and Profitability:• Reduced Rates: When electric and natural gas rates decrease, it directly...

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EnerConnex now offering Additionality RECs to clients as an alternative to complex VPPAs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                       FEBRUARY 07, 2024 Partnership with Zettawatts provides access to Additionality REC Market for EnerConnex Clients Folsom, NJ—...

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Through Carbon Offsets

Carbon offsets continue to gain in popularity as a way to mitigate the environmental impact of human and business activities. Carbon offsets are a mechanism that allow businesses to compensate for their greenhouse gas emissions by investing in projects that reduce or...

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