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Energy Procurement Solutions for Your Business

Powerful Energy Procurement For Your Business

EnerConnex offers integrated energy solutions tailored to commercial, industrial, government, and institutional facilities across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Our team is comprised of industry leaders with over two decades of experience in deregulated electricity, natural gas, and renewable energy markets.

enerconnex energy procurement energy efficiency demand management

Why Partner With EnerConnex for Energy Procurement?

EnerConnex optimizes the energy procurement process from start to finish. We deliver results by focusing on three key aspects of your energy needs:

  • Energy costs.
  • Energy consumption.
  • Energy usage.

As an unbiased and supplier-neutral advocate, we empower you to obtain the best price and energy contract terms available in the market, saving you valuable time while giving you the confidence required to make the best decisions for your company.

The EnerConnex advisory team provides critical energy market insight to help your company navigate through the ever-changing electric, natural gas, and renewable markets.

In short, we create value by:

  • Administering a fully optimized energy procurement process that saves time and money.
  • Acting as an unbiased, supplier-neutral advocate whose mission is to get you the best price possible based on current market conditions.
  • Providing critical market insight with the help of our talented EnerConnex advisory team.
  • Delivering a tech-enabled experience that maximizes transparency and price discovery.
  • Showcasing unmatched energy procurement experience across our various teams.

Through these means, EnerConnex will help you:

  • Develop a solid energy procurement strategy: Creating and maintaining strategic partnerships with suppliers is key to effective energy procurement.
  • Understand your options based on your unique energy needs: Stay involved throughout the procurement process to understand the best options for your business while considering your current goals, objectives, and energy needs.
  • Take control back from vendors: Vendors don’t always have your best interests in mind. EnerConnex makes choosing the right vendor and negotiating attractive contracts much simpler.

What You Get With EnerConnex

With more than two decades in the energy procurement business, we’ve developed a robust and efficient procurement process that works.

Sealed, Direct and Reverse Auction Bids

Businesses can expect an effective, competitive bidding process offered through our proprietary ECX Marketplace platform; it’s intuitive, transparent, and cost-effective.

Access to 80+ Unique Suppliers

We make up one of the largest energy supplier networks in the country, increasing our chances of securing a desirable rate based on current market conditions.

Variety of Project Types

No matter your business’s unique energy needs and objectives, we offer a variety of project types each with complete flexibility to help you meet or exceed your goals.

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

We make it easier for your business to purchase clean energy and achieve company-wide sustainability goals.

Features of EnerConnex Procurement Services

Hyper-competitive bid process via ECX Marketplace online bidding platform.

Compliance driven system—designed with “proven results” in mind

Extensive supplier network resulting in maximum enablement/liquidity.

Benchmark current energy expenditures, identify potential savings opportunities, summarize and evaluate results.

Secure the lowest price and most preferential terms.

Market advisory and support services specific to each market.

Regulatory monitoring and guidance.

A primary point of contact – supplier error resolution.

Account management – from meter switch to expiration.

Independent and unbiased approach towards supplier choice.

Performance based fees – services are paid by your chosen supplier.

ECX Marketplace - Online Bidding Platform

ECX Marketplace is the latest online energy procurement platform developed by the pioneers of reverse auction technology. Its design compels suppliers to deliver low prices as they compete to outbid the competition for your business.

In conjunction with EnerConnex’s extensive network of energy suppliers spanning North America, more suppliers mean increased competition and, ultimately, lower bids.

Here’s how it works:

Our bidding platform effectively shortens the amount of time suppliers can hold their bids open to reduce the supplier risk premiums embedded in the price, which results in lower bids.

ECX Marketplace was developed with the capability to manage complex energy products and pricing structures. Comprehensive bid reports can be extracted from the platform instantaneously for evaluation.

Process + Technology + Expertise

Our Process puts you in control, allowing you to create, test and evaluate multiple pricing parameters.
Our Technology saves you time by giving you the ability to run multiple pricing options simultaneously and in real time.

Our Expertise provides you the market intel and support you need giving you the confidence to make the best purchasing decisions at the right times.

Energy Procurement FAQ

What Is an Energy Procurement Service?

Energy procurement is a specialized service that assists businesses and organizations in sourcing and procuring energy resources, such as electricity, natural gas, or renewable energy, to meet their operational needs, manage costs, mitigate risks, and achieve energy-related goals.


What’s the Difference Between Purchasing and Procurement?

Purchasing is more transactional, focused on obtaining goods or services. On the other hand, procurement is an umbrella term that includes purchasing but is a more strategic function that also involves supplier relationship management, risk management, strategic sourcing, energy contract negotiation and management, and performance evaluation.

What Are the Advantages of Renewable Energy Procurement?

Purchasing is more transactional, focused on obtaining goods or services. On the other hand, procurement is an umbrella term that includes purchasing but is a more strategic function that also involves supplier relationship management, risk management, strategic sourcing, energy contract negotiation and management, and performance evaluation.

What Are the Key Steps in the Energy Procurement Process?
EnerConnex’s five-step process is designed to help us understand your most pressing business needs and sustainability goals to secure the best energy price possible. This process includes:

  • Discovery, to understand your long- and short-term energy goals.
  • Documentation, to submit pricing to our vast supplier network.
  • Event Generation, to distribute pricing events.
  • Pricing Event, to collaborate on rates as they are submitted in real time on our proprietary auction platform.
  • Analysis, to determine the best path forward for your business.
What’s the Best Bidding Process for Cost-Effective Energy Procurement?

Reverse auctions work by pitting multiple vendors head-to-head to compete for your business. It is hands down the most effective way to secure a competitive energy price.

An Energy Procurement Partner With Your Best Interests in Mind

Ready to optimize your energy procurement strategy? With our expertise, discover tailored solutions for your business to streamline your energy purchasing process, unlock potential savings, meet clean energy goals, and more.

enerconnex energy procurement energy efficiency demand management

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We are pleased to continually help our customers reach their sustainability goals by assisting them with RECs and other renewable attributes bundled with physical supply requirements.