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Renewable Energy Expertise

EnerConnex helps organizations reach their internal sustainability targets with various energy conservation measures and renewable energy options. We help with energy supplier negotiations to include a designated percentage of green power within your agreement, assist with behind-the-meter renewable generation all while monitoring and reporting on your carbon footprint reduction.

Solar, hydro, and wind technologies have grown and improved substantially over the last few years. Falling solar panel costs, the advancement of hydro-electric generation, and the growing number of wind projects in the works, coupled with the extension of various tax credits and local & state incentives have created financial opportunities in markets across the country. EnerConnex has the ability to assist customers with RECs and other renewables bundled with physical supply requirements. We are pleased to continue to help others reach their sustainability goals.

Today, more and more businesses are incorporating renewables into their energy portfolio. Companies are setting goals and taking action. Around 72% of large US energy users are actively pursuing renewable energy procurement in some form and over 45% of Fortune 500 companies have GHG reduction targets. Over the past several years, the renewable energy market has evolved rapidly. All the heightened activity and awareness around renewables has increased available renewable energy deal structures for buyers depending on a facilities’ needs and limitations, budget, and preference. This has resulted in the creation of a renewable energy spectrum, offering a variety of renewable options for you to choose from.

enerconnex renewables expertise

EnerConnex offers turnkey renewable solutions for the entire project life and beyond, including:

Business case development and cash flow analysis

Financing arrangements

Design and Engineering

Secure Rebates and incentives (local & federal)

Utility interconnection


Project permitting

Project close-out and training