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Demand Management

Reap the Many Benefits of Demand Response

Demand Response programs offer customers the opportunity to participate in independent system operator sponsored programs and earn money by committing to reduce load at times of electricity grid emergencies or high prices. Because of the large positive effect Demand Response has to energy providers, Demand Response participants are paid a capacity payment on the basis of their commitment. As a result, savings to energy bills can be substantial. One of our Energy Advisors can help you evaluate your usage patterns and peak demand charges to see if Demand Response could be a lucrative component of your overall energy management strategy.

How it Works

If the local electric grid were to become strained, local end-users are asked to reduce their energy consumption for a short period of time. By reducing demand instead of increasing supply, the grid saves billions of dollars annually. These savings are shared throughout the community as the grid pays incentive payments to Demand Response participants.

  • You earn a recurring revenue stream by being a seldom used insurance policy for the grid.
  • Each year you can change your contribution up or down.
  • No penalties or fees: If you cannot shed load for the 1-hour test (which you are given 2 weeks advance notice in June) you can forfeit revenue. If you are not able to meet the full commitment you will still be paid on what you have curtailed.
  • Different Programs are available in different ISO’s such as PJM, ERCOT, and NGRID.