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Demand Management

What is Demand Management?

Demand Management programs offer incentives to companies who voluntarily reduce electricity consumption during peak demands on the power grid. Participation is cost-free and risk free and not only can decrease your energy bill, but will improve your companies’ commitment to sustainability and efficiency.

enerconnex demand management

How It Works

Instead of producing more energy, local end-users who voluntarily participate in the program are asked to reduce their energy consumption for a brief period of time. By reducing the demand instead of increasing supply for this brief period of time, the grid saves a substantial amount of money annually, which is then distributed to the program participants.

On top of savings, deciding to participate in Demand Response programs offers a variety of environmental benefits including cutting back energy usage and reducing reliance on Fossil Fuel power plants. There is no cost and no risk to those who choose to participate in Demand Management programs, making it a win-win for all. Read more about the logistics of Demand Management Programs here at

EnerConnex partners with you to learn about your energy goals. Next, we’ll utilize our best-in- class ECX Marketplace platform to find the best Demand Management option to fit your needs.

You earn a recurring revenue stream by infrequently acting as an insurance policy for the grid.

Each year you can change your contribution up or down.

No penalties or fees. If you are not able to meet the full commitment you will still be paid on what you have curtailed.

Participating in Demand Response Programs allows for big savings with little impact on operations.

To see if your organization is eligible to participate in a demand response program, reach out to an energy consultant at EnerConnex today!