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We Are Here for You

When you partner with EnerConnex, you learn that saving energy doesn’t have to be hard. We have the experience and the strategies to tailor solutions that help your business cut costs and increase efficiency.

Our educational resources below are packed with tips and bits of knowledge to help you learn how to better manage your business’ energy bills. Be sure to check out our videos too!  

Energy Glossary

Review energy related terms and phrases that you may want to be familiar with.
(PDF Attached)

Products & Services

Review our products & services one-pager to learn how we can better serve you.
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ECX Marketplace

Learn more about our best-in-class, proprietary pricing event platform.
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8 Questions to Ask a Prospective Energy Broker

Consider these 8 questions when deciding what energy broker to work with.
(PDF attached)

City of Phila Building-Energy Performance Policy Notice

Keeping Our Customers in the Know
(PDF attached)

NYC Local Law 97

See if LL97 applies to your building in NYC to avoid paying penalties.
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