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Through our Expertise, Methodology, and Technology our goal is to simplify the complex energy markets around us. As a result, we act as an independent advisor to help customers get the energy they need at the lowest and most efficient available rates. When managing energy costs, it is important to look both outside and inside the meter. We deliver results by focusing on the price you pay, the quantity you use, and when and how you use it.

EnerConnex is comprised of industry leaders with over two decades of experience in deregulated electricity and natural gas markets throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Therefore, we take an in-depth approach to analyzing market conditions specific to your facility locations. By doing so, we help companies solidify a purchasing strategy based on tolerance for risk, budgetary needs, and market outlook. Our market directors act as an extension of your company both before and after the transaction. As market conditions change, your energy purchasing strategy will change along with it. We are there with you to advise you along the way.

Operations Headquarters

44 Portland St, 7th Floor

Worcester, MA 01608

US Regional Offices

Powell, OH

The Woodlands, TX



Phone: (800) 319-0856


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