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Case Study

Bar Anticipation (Bar A)

Located in Lake Como, NJ, Bar Anticipation (Bar A) is one of the country’s top party destinations, offering a wide variety of private events and live entertainment. Like most businesses, Bar A was looking to cut energy costs where they could. However, they weren’t sure where to start.


In order to show that not all energy companies are created equal, one of EnerConnex’s energy consultants, Kelly Mallin, met with Bar Anticipation. After reviewing their monthly energy usage and past bills together, Kelly explained to Bar A where they could make changes to help save on their utility bills each month. With SJIEA’s expertise in commercial electricity services, Bar Anticipation felt confident moving forward. Letting EnerConnex handle the bar’s energy needs seemed like a no-brainer. Bar Anticipation’s team had no doubt that SJIEA’s extensive experience and knowledge would help the business succeed.


Since partnering with EnerConnex, Bar Anticipation has saved about $8,000 over the past two years. They expect this relationship to continue and to grow over the long term. Thanks to SJIEA’s constant support and advice, Bar Anticipation can focus more on what it does best, while saving energy and money in the process.

"It is always easy to deal with Kelly at EnerConnex. Their service is excellent and we are very happy and grateful to have an account with them."

- Greg Hart, Manager