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Case Study

Whibco of New Jersey, Inc.

Whibco Inc. is America’s oldest producer of industrial sands. They are located in Southern New Jersey and supply industrial and specialty sand and gravel to customers across the globe. We have been working together since 2007. EnerConnex, an SJI Company has helped them with both their natural gas and electricity needs over the years. Being a large energy user, Whibco was looking to keep their operating costs to a minimum while also cutting back on energy consumption where possible.


After working very closely to fully understand Whibco's energy needs, we were able to pair them with the best possible energy supplier to help them establish budget certainty moving forward.


With the extensive knowledge and experience within the energy industry, EnerConnex was able to incorporate an energy program that has reduced electricity cost for Whibco. The savings is looking to increase by about 15% in the next year.

“I would highly recommend EnerConnex in reviewing and negotiating your energy needs. They have been great to work with.”

- Walter Sjogren, Executive Vice President