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Case Study

Mrs. T’s Pierogies

The Northeast Pennsylvania Manufacturers & Employers Association is a private, non-profit, membership-based organization that currently serves more than 345 member companies in 24 counties in Northeast Pennsylvania.


From the start of the MAEA Group Energy Program in 2015, Mrs. T’s Pierogies (Ateeco) has worked with Tom Dufraine and the EnerConnex team. Their competitive online energy pricing platform, ECX Marketplace, coupled with timely market intelligence has led to significant savings since the beginning of our partnership.


To date, Mrs. T’s Pierogies has saved over $1.2 Million in electricity supply costs by working with EnerConnex. Mrs. T’s Pierogies followed Tom’s recommendation of locking in a longer-term deal back in 2020. This resulted in an additional estimated savings of $900,000 compared to current markets from December 2022 through December 2024. They look forward to continuing this relationship and getting timely energy market updates from Tom and the EnerConnex team.