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Case Study

Seabrook Farms

Seabrook Farms is a family-owned and operated business that grows, processes, and freezes over 150 million pounds of frozen vegetables, located in Southern New Jersey. Seabrook Farms was looking to save money, work on curtailment for their energy, and keep their operating costs to a minimum to keep their main focus on their family-owned business.


SJI started a relationship with Seabrook Farms in 2008, working with them first on their natural gas. As time went on and the client relationship grew stronger, EnerConnex, an SJI Company was able to partner with them on their electricity as well.


Through a vast supplier network, EnerConnex was able to incorporate an energy program that reduced electricity costs for Seabrook by just under $300,000 in just 8 months. Yielding a savings of almost $600,000 over 12 months. EnerConnex is also working on other energy curtailment options to continue reducing their operational costs.

“We have thoroughly enjoyed working with EnerConnex and appreciate the relationship we have with them.”

- Wes Seabrook, VP of Engineering