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Funding Your Energy Future: Solutions for cash flow positivity and CapEx avoidance.

EnerConnex is a leading energy advisory firm focused on energy procurement, renewables, and sustainability. With access to one of the largest supplier networks, a proprietary pricing platform, and extensive industry experience, we tailor energy strategies based on our client’s specific needs and sustainability goals.

EnerConnex is excited to announce our partnership with ECOSAVE to drive sustainable energy solutions for mid-to-large commercial and industrial end users. Ecosave has more than 20 years of engineering expertise reducing energy costs and carbon emissions through tailored efficiency, technology, and renewable solutions.

Energy infrastructure projects are often assumed to be cost prohibitive. Our flagship funding model- the Ecosave Service Agreement- provides clients with the capital to fully fund building upgrades and reduce operating expenses from day one. As an energy-as-a-service provider, Ecosave provides an off-balance sheet funding model so clients can innovate building infrastructure without capital or debt.

How You Benefit:

Wide-ranging solutions are customized, including:

·         Building upgrades with $0 outlay, debt or delay-funding is immediately available.·         As energy prices increase, your savings grow.
·         Guaranteed operational savings spelled out and contractually locked in.·         Ecosave optimizes equipment for the life of the contract.
·         Cash flow positive from day one- your savings exceed our fees.·         Ecosave and EnerConnex continues to serve as a single point of contact for all your energy needs.
·         Off balance sheet for capital expenditure avoidance.·         Measurable reduction of carbon emissions and operational expenditure. 
  • Energy efficiency optimization of existing infrastructure, from lighting to complex mechanical retrofits, upgrades, energy recovery, and replacements and optimization of process and production.
  • Renewable and onsite generation, including combined heat and power, geothermal, solar, and battery storage.
  • AI-driven data overlay to identify operational inefficiencies and provide predictive optimization and ongoing retro-commissioning.
  • Robust plant automation systems to intelligently enhance performance and efficiency, without compromising comfort, process, production, or security.

Partner with EnerConnex and ECOSAVE and start saving money and energy, guaranteed, with $0 upfront investment. Contact us today to get started!