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EnerConnex and ECOSAVE Join Forces to Drive Sustainable Energy Solutions


October 13, 2023

Headline:  EnerConnex and ECOSAVE Join Forces to Drive Sustainable Energy Solutions

Folsom, NJ— EnerConnex is a leading energy advisory firm focused on energy procurement, renewables and sustainability. With access to one of the largest supplier networks, a proprietary pricing platform, and extensive industry experience, we tailor energy strategies based on our client’s specific needs and sustainability goals. EnerConnex is a wholly owned subsidiary of SJI– a $2.6B energy infrastructure company. 

Ecosave has more than 20 years of engineering expertise reducing energy costs and carbon emissions through tailored efficiency, technology and renewable solutions. As an energy-as-a-service provider, Ecosave provides an off-balance sheet funding model so clients can innovate building infrastructure without capital or debt.

By merging their expertise, EnerConnex and Ecosave Inc will offer comprehensive and cutting-edge energy solutions to clients worldwide. Their partnership empowers widespread adoption of more sustainable practices and drives reduction in building net operating expense.

“We are excited to partner with Ecosave Inc to amplify our efforts in creating a greener, more efficient energy landscape,” said Jim Hooven, Sales Manager of EnerConnex. “Together, we will provide innovative, customized solutions that enable businesses to meet their sustainability goals while enhancing their bottom line.”

“We are pleased to leverage EnerConnex’s best-in-class services to bring new solutions to existing and future clients,” said Jay Handmer, Director of Utility Management Services at Ecosave. “We look forward to helping our customers take advantage of a changing energy landscape.”

The joint venture will focus on:

Energy Efficiency: Leveraging advanced technologies and data analytics to optimize energy consumption and reduce waste.

Renewable Energy Integration: Developing strategies to incorporate renewable energy sources into businesses’ energy portfolios.

Carbon Footprint Reduction: Implementing sustainable practices to help clients reduce their carbon emissions and environmental impact.

Energy Supply Procurement: Ecosave customers will now have access to the leading Energy Procurement Platform provided by EnerConnex.

Building Upgrade Programs: EnerConnex and Ecosave have developed a Building Upgrade Program that offers a simple, repeatable, and scalable approach to upgrading building portfolios and fulfilling sustainability commitments.

EnerConnex and Ecosave are dedicated to driving positive change in the energy industry and contributing to a more sustainable future for all.

For more information about this partnership and the services offered by EnerConnex LLC and Ecosave Inc, please visit [ or].

Erin McAfee – ,  Head of Marketing, EnerConnex

Melissa Stonberg— , Chief Marketing Officer, Ecosave