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Case Study

Pancho’s Mexican Buffet and Café Sicilia

Pancho’s Mexican Buffet is a restaurant chain with five locations in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area, open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. Pancho’s sister company, Café Sicilia, is a full-service restaurant with three locations, and also operates daily.


Pancho’s was seeking an energy partner to provide independent, vendor neutral information and advice regarding opportunities for cost control and cost savings on electricity supply in Texas’ deregulated market. As a multi-location restaurant chain open daily, Pancho’s and Café Sicilia both use a considerable amount of electricity, and were looking for options to control costs and save money on electricity supply. Pancho’s Mexican Buffet and Café Sicilia decided to partner with Howard Levine from EnerConnex to help guide them through energy markets.


In a consistent mode of monitoring markets and gathering market intelligence, EnerConnex provided regular pricing updates, identifying opportunities for cost control and reduction. EnerConnex matched Pancho’s Mexican Buffet and Café Sicilia with a supplier that will save them 30% on their electric supply over the course of a four-year term.

“This cost savings goes directly to the bottom-line profitability of our companies and allows us to use these dollars to invest in improvements for our restaurants. I appreciate that EnerConnex operates in a supplier neutral manner, proactively bringing me proposals that include pricing updates from multiple service providers and helping me to identify opportunities to reduce and control what my company spends on our electricity supply, which saves me a lot of time. EnerConnex also provides me with a comparison of contract terms, helping to simplify our decision making.”

- Fernando Nogueira, Partner