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Benefits of Working with an Energy Consultant

If you’ve ever been involved with handling the energy for your business or facility, then you understand that energy procurement is not a one-size-fits-all solution and that there are a lot of different, and sometimes complex, components that go into it. Having an Energy Consultant help you navigate energy markets and other factors that go into your business’ decision making when it comes time to sign an energy contract is definitely your safest and most efficient move.

There are plenty of benefits of working with an energy consultant as opposed to going directly to a supplier, including:

  • A lot of time can be saved by working with an Energy Consultant. EnerConnex does the work for you by presenting you with multiple pricing options from numerous suppliers.
  • Energy Consultants have access to pricing from multiple suppliers. This results in having the ability to get you best price for your unique needs. EnerConnex has a vast supplier network and proudly works with over 70 unique suppliers. Our proprietary technology-based pricing platform, ECX Marketplace, allows us to get pricing from every suitable energy supplier to compete for business. 
  • Energy Consultants can help you better-understand the charges that are not commodity related.  In some markets, non-commodity charges – transmission, ancillary, renewable, ISO mandated programs to ensure reliability of the grid – can add up to more than just the pricing for the commodity. A consultant at EnerConnex can walk you through all charges and help you fully understand all of the different components of pricing.
  • Energy Consultants are there to assist you with any questions or potential issues that may arise surrounding billing. A good Energy Consultant will truly watch over your contract throughout the entire contract length and beyond.

Reach out to EnerConnex today ( to start experiencing the benefits of working with one of the best Energy Consulting firms in North America.

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