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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in LED Lighting & Controls Upgrade

LED lighting and controls technology have improved making upgrading more affordable than ever. Lighting retrofits are not only a sustainable solution to push your company into the future, but also provide cost savings opportunities. Whether you’re simply in need of a new lighting system due to outdated and wearing equipment or looking to take advantage of the number of benefits a retrofit will provide – now’s the time to invest.

Our top five (5) reasons you should upgrade to LEDs and Controls:

  1. Reduce Energy Consumption

As more companies are looking to the future, one of the top and most common reasons for investing in a lighting retrofit is for the energy consumption benefits. Depending on the application, the reduction in lighting load alone can be up to 50% or more. There is an opportunity for added savings by applying advanced control strategies to reduce consumption an additional 40% or more in most spaces. There is also the potential to reduce the number of light fixtures required to light a given space which meads you purchase less fixtures.

2. Lower Operations and Maintenance Costs

New, longer life products require less periodic maintenance and extend the time between re-lamp expenses. Longer lifespans and reliability save additional money in difficult to service spaces that require time and equipment to access. Include lighting controls during installation to better predict future maintenance needs.

3. Improve Site Safety

Lighting retrofits can improve site safety by addressing areas of low light that could be potential safety hazards. Working with installers who provide design and photometric analysis will identify areas for improvement such as low-lit parking lots, dark warehouse areas and high security areas. A retrofit upgrade can improve light levels in these high-hazard areas while still reducing energy consumption.

4. Integrate with Building Management Systems

Building management systems can integrate with upgraded lighting systems. Retrofits are often compatible with BACnet and Niagara AX protocol, and many lighting control systems have Tstat capabilities for increased savings where no central BMS is present. Lighting data can be incorporated into existing BMS analytics and other data analytic applications. Once implemented, all building controls can be viewed on one central platform to monitor performance and adjust.

5. Rapid ROI by Maximizing Utility Rebates

With the use of rebates, ROI investments can be brought down under two years. When it comes to sustainable lighting solutions, there are several rebate options available. In many cases, rebates can pay for large portions of the project when they are identified and scoped into the work early on. Once the rebates have been approved, the payment may be directly paid to the end user or it may be applied to the project costs. This process will vary depending on the specific rebate and the state in which the project is completed in. Assessing your project will help ensure you are taking advantage of the most aggressive rebates being offered by choosing the correct lighting products for your space.

Not sure where to get started? Partnering with EnerConnex will ensure that you have the proper upgrade for your facility and are reaching optimal savings. Email us at:

This blog post was provided by: Greg Hermanowycz

Greg Hermanowycz is the Director of Technology and Project Development for one of our strategic partners, WESCO Energy Solutions. He brings 30 years of experience in international and domestic business leadership, sales, operations/post-sales support, architecture/lighting design, and project management. Greg received a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the New York Institute of Technology and holds certifications from NCQLP, LEED AP, and is a member of the American Institute of Architects and the IES. He is dedicated to innovative and energy-efficient solutions with a customer focus.

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