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Reduce Costs Through Energy Efficiency Measures

There has been plenty of buzz about the rise in prices of almost everything as of late, including energy. If you look deeper into the steady climb of prices, you’ll notice it is not all a function of power production costs. In the EIA graph below, distribution spending has outpaced growth in both the number of electric customers and in retail electricity sales by a long shot. From 2000 to 2019, distribution costs increased by 64%.

Annual spending on electricity distribution systems by major U.S. utilities continues to increase which is one of the main factors contributing to end-users’ power bills going up. Utilities are preparing for higher electricity demand resulting in higher electricity bills and increased spending for both utility companies and end-users. While it’s nearly impossible to negotiate a better distribution rate, end-users can reduce consumption thereby lowering distribution expenses. Not sure where to start or how to approach reducing your consumption? Think Energy Efficiency.  Implementing energy efficiency measures can play a key role in helping to reduce overall energy costs.

The team at EnerConnex understands the ins-and-outs of different pricing components in all markets and can advise customers on how to better manage their total energy spend. We can diligently review your current energy plan and walk you through the breakdown of costs you are incurring including commodity and distribution costs.  Our knowledge, experience and expertise in energy can help make a difference. 

EnerConnex offers a variety of Energy Efficiency programs to help your facility reduce its overall energy costs and also helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.  We provide the technology, expertise, and the resources to upgrade lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, and many other energy conservation measures.  You simply enjoy the many benefits of our services and spend more time focusing on your business while we provide 24/7/365 monitoring and control, improved safety, reduced liability, and an overall better environment.

It is often said, the cheapest power is simply the power not used. In times when markets are volatile and commodity prices escalating, implementing energy efficiency measures is the best approach when looking for ways to better manage your total energy costs.  Discover how your facility can benefit from our Energy Efficiency services by contacting us today to set up an initial discovery call.

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