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Operations Headquarters

44 Portland St, 7th Floor.

Worcester, MA 01608

US Regional Offices

Powell, OH

The Woodlands, TX


1 (800)-319-0856

Solar technology has improved substantially over the last few years. Falling panel costs coupled with the extension of the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and local & state incentives have created financial opportunities in markets across the country. Solar systems can increase property value, lower operating costs, and provide a solid and secure investment opportunity with long-term results. Through various available financing options, clients can enter into a 5 to 20 service agreement as a hedge against market volatility and rising electricity prices.


Reduce Peak Demand & Decrease Carbon Footprint

A commercial solar system will reduce energy consumption at the meter resulting in cost savings to the bottom line. With a solar system, your business can reduce energy costs during peak demand times, hedge against future price increases, while decreasing your overall carbon footprint. Excess power produced by the system can be sold back into the grid. Financing options can be arranged to avoid out of pocket expenses ensuring that the savings more than offset the costs.

EnerConnex solar provider partners offer turnkey solutions including:

  • Business case development and cash flow analysis
  • Design and engineering
  • Financing arrangements
  • Project permitting
  • Utility interconnection
  • Secure rebates and incentives (local and federal)
  • Installation
  • Project close-out and training

Operations Headquarters

44 Portland St, 7th Floor

Worcester, MA 01608

US Regional Offices

Powell, OH

The Woodlands, TX



Phone: (800) 319-0856


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