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  • Operations Headquarters 44 Portland St, 4th Floor. Worcester, MA 01608
  • US Regional Offices Powell, OH The Woodlands, TX
  • Mexico Regional Office Tampico, Mexico
  • 1 (800)-319-0856

Demand Response

Demand Response programs offer customers the opportunity to participate in independent system operator sponsored programs and earn money by committing to reduce load at times of electricity grid emergencies or high prices. Because of the large positive effect Demand Response has to energy providers, Demand Response participants are paid a capacity payment on the basis of their commitment. As a result, savings to energy bills can be substantial.


EnerConnex can help you evaluate your usage patterns and peak demand charges to see if Demand Response could be a lucrative component of your overall energy management strategy. We can assist with sourcing the optimal service provider to ensure the program is implemented correctly and payments are received accurately and on schedule.

Operations Headquarters

44 Portland St, 4th Floor

Worcester, MA 01608


Mexico Regional Office

Tampico, Mexico


Phone: 1(800)-319-0856

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