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Case Study

Mennonite Home Communities

Mennonite Home Communities (MHC) is a senior living facility, located in Pennsylvania, that offers personal care, rehab care, memory care, skilled nursing and independent living for those in the community. MHC is located on two campuses within close proximity and has been a long-standing procurement partner with EnerConnex for both electricity and natural gas since 2016. They have deployed a proactive energy strategy throughout the years, most notably locking in both electricity and natural gas costs through 2025, back in early 2020 when markets hit historic lows.


After working with EnerConnex’s Tom Dufraine on their existing contracts, they met to review and discuss future energy goals and decided to move forward with a curtailment strategy and enrolled into a Demand Response Program. Being a senior living facility, a large percentage of their energy load is heating and cooling, and with long-term care facilities that provide medical support we had to create a plan that would not interfere with daily operations. In running the curtailment tests for MHC, one account committed to 499 kW for the test and reached 60,000 kW, which is 225% of performance, yielding a total of $12,457 in annual revenue. The other account committed to 750 kW for the test and reached 320kW, which is 147% of performance, yielding $31,064 in annual revenue. To meet the kW commitment, the facilities were precooled several hours prior to the 1-hour test to significantly ramp down HVAC usage. This allowed the facilities to significantly reduce their load.


Across the two accounts managed by EnerConnex for MHC, EnerConnex was able to bring in a total of $43,521 in revenue. This revenue will be paid out quarterly through June of 2022. With the first year under their belts while exceeding kW commitments, we will look at adjusting and possibly increasing curtailment commitments in 2022 to generate additional revenue. With Demand Response being a lucrative part of their energy plan, MHC plans to continue their relationship with EnerConnex and see what other opportunities the future brings.

“Tom at EnerConnex has been a valuable asset to Mennonite Home Communities because he pays close attention to what is happening in the markets and truly understands how senior living facilities utilize energy.”

- Dan Mortensen, VP of Operations