Brian Dafferner

President - Managing Partner Presidente - Socio Director

Established retail energy sales leader with over nineteen years of experience in the industry working in various roles for energy suppliers and brokerage firms. Helped found, build, oversee and eventually sell an energy brokerage company with over 10M in annual sales. Involved in energy procurement, efficiency, and sustainability services for large commercial and industrial customers since California deregulated in 1998. FULL BIO

Eric Niemeyer

Managing Partner Socio director

Eric is an accomplished retail energy sales leader with 20+ years of experience in developing long term business-to-business relationships. He has worked in numerous leadership roles for energy suppliers and brokerage companies while maintaining one of the largest books of business in the industry. Areas of expertise include; electricity and natural gas procurement, energy conservation, demand response, and distributed generation. FULL BIO

Janet Loop

Managing Partner Socio director

Janet is an energy industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in the electricity and natural gas markets. She has been involved in utility rate/tariff design, energy efficiency program implementation, de-regulation rule setting, regulatory compliance and most importantly electricity and natural procurement. FULL BIO

Vitana Melesiute

Managing Partner Socio director

Vitana is an established leader in the retail energy industry with more than 17 years of experience marketing energy commodity products and services to large C&I customers. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies in developing customized strategies for energy procurement, demand side management, and energy efficiency planning and implementation. FULL BIO